We are committed to undertaking our activities in an environmentally responsible manner and effectively managing any risks that may lead to an impact on the environment. Our Environmental Management System defines the control measures our employees adopt to ensure legislative compliance and to ensure responsible environmental management.

We work closely with Local Government authorities such as Queensland Fisheries, National Parks and Wildlife and Biosecurity Qld, to minimise disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas such as marine plants, fish habitats, and koala habitats to name a few.

Our employees are provided with environmental awareness training to provide them with an understanding of environmental risks and environmentally sensitive areas including Fire Ant awareness training.
We are highly conscious of our environmental responsibilities with the implementation of the following work practices:

  • Washdown and blowdown of vehicles, machinery and plant
  • Rubber bog mats used to prevent vehicles and mobile plant from becoming bogged or causing damage when entering wet, boggy or unstable ground.
  • Spotter/Catchers to inspect habitat trees and relocate native fauna
  • Fire ant surveillance in fire ant risk areas
  • Soil erosion and sediment control

The Community

Working hand in hand with the community enables us to make a difference and ensuring property owners are happy with the outcomes of any work undertaken on powerline easements and private property.

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