Lumberjack have the capability of assisting with lifting, standing and removal of power poles using an excavator in crane mode, where other vehicles are unable to access the work area due to the terrain.

Our work capability consists of the following:

  • All work activities comply with WCS84.
  • Plant Operators are licenced and competent.
  • Dial before you dig checks are undertaken to ensure all underground services have been identified before work commences.
  • Lifting, standing and removal of power poles up to 20m (>20m subject to negotiation) using 12t, 16t and 20t excavator.
  • Supply of hydraulic tamperer to packdown spoil into backfilled holes.
  • Installation of screw anchors to secure the pole.
  • Ability to access all terrain areas where other vehicles and plant are unable to gain access.
  • Reinstatement of work site on completion of work to the approval of the client and property owner.
  • Scissor attachment (3 off) for 12t, 16t & 20t excavator used for pole lift and standing operations and live line lifts to ensure pole is secured until the hole has been backfilled.
  • Installation and removal of pole transformers by using a jib attachment to an excavator.
  • High Voltage live line lifts undertaken by an Energex trained Plant Operator, under the instruction of Energex personnel during live line lift operations.
  • Holding old pole in place while it is being undressed and the new pole redressed during high voltage live line lift activities.

Lifting & Standing Poles 1

Lifting & Standing Poles 2

Lifting & Standing Poles 3

Lifting & Standing Poles 4

Lifting & Standing Poles 4

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